Building Healthy Relationships > Wealth

Inheriting a happy, healthy, loving family will always be more valuable than inheriting money, cars, or homes. Work less towards leaving wealth for your children and work harder towards being present, and healing yourself so you’re able to create happy, healthy environments for your children and loved ones. God will provide the rest. “Two peopleContinue reading “Building Healthy Relationships > Wealth”

The Next 10 Years for Runa + GoFundMe: Univ. of London-London School of Economics

In May 2020, God gave me a vision to raise a venture capital fund with focus on minority founders and start-ups, as a way to uplift the entire African-American community. With interest in leveling the playing field, countering systemic racism, and catering to under-served communities, I’m hoping to invest in sustainable goods and infrastructure, alternativeContinue reading “The Next 10 Years for Runa + GoFundMe: Univ. of London-London School of Economics”

Mental Disorders Are Not Flaws

This week in my psychology class, we learned about mental disorders. Some of my immediate family members express personality disorders and my childhood housekeeper exhibited signs of schizophrenia. From my early life experiences, I learned to accept differences in others because I saw how God still used them as conduits of blessings and extended HisContinue reading “Mental Disorders Are Not Flaws”